Workplace Innovation

Putting people first

Companies look for solutions for the implementation of modern work environments to stay ahead of their competition. The experience and competence of Lindner in the overall process of construction and fit-out makes us a valuable partner for architects and interior designers in the development of ‘new work’ for clients. We offer concrete answers to a wide range of questions during the design and planning process, for instance on the subjects acoustics, room climate, light, adaptable space concepts, sustainable building and also execution time and costs. With simulations and drafts before the introduction, and in-depth evaluation afterwards, we include all stakeholders into the development process of their new work environment.

We apply practice-oriented tools to find the perfect solution together with clients, architects and building users. And as a leading manufacturer of tailor-made products for interior fit-out, we always make sure to meet all requirements during the construction phase as well.


New Work Environments are designed to

  • increase creativity and productivity through improved communication and teamwork,
  • increase the profitability of the organization through improved structures,
  • foster agile work and a more efficient use of space,
  • serve as a ‘workshop’ for the knowledge-based society, providing healthy surroundings where living and working interlock,
  • represent the attractive employer brand.


For employees

  • Healthier and livelier work environment
  • Flexibility to choose the place of work, depending on the task
  • Strong team spirit through collaboration, participation and equality
  • Higher level of identification with the employer
  • Increased productivity and exchange of knowledge through informal communication

For employers

  • Higher employee motivation and identification with the company
  • Reduction of building costs per area
  • Increased adaptability of processes and organization
  • Improved collaboration and know-how transfer
  • Strengthening the employer brand