Bundesallee 215 Berlin


Project: Bundesallee 215 Berlin
Building Type: Residential buildings, Office buildings
Address: Bundesallee 215
Zip/City: 10719 Berlin
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner Building Envelope GmbH
Completion: from 2020 to 2022


Project: Bundesallee 215 Berlin

Bundesallee in Berlin is an approximately 3.7 km long main road in the districts of Wilmersdorf and Friedenau: A new residential and office building with almost 1,800 m² of space, distributed over seven floors, was recently built here on one of the last available plots of land. The building now contains 18 one- to four-room flats as well as spacious office areas – and everything was designed and built completely barrier-free.

The highlight of the building is the unique façade, consisting of floor-to-ceiling window boxes in combination with photovoltaic elements, individually arranged vertical green spaces, terraces and balconies as well as high-quality Kebony wood panels: The wood is a Norwegian pine soaked in alcohol and thus represents an environmentally friendly alternative to elegant teak – Kebony wood is completely recyclable and thus particularly sustainable.

The frame of the façade was manufactured by Lindner and then filled by partner companies. The narrow aluminium pilaster strips of only 127 mm for the outer frame are literally hidden talents: They contain connections for the photovoltaic power supply, irrigation lines for the vertically planted elements and hidden downpipes for the rainwater drainage from the flat roof. The window boxes, also from Lindner, consist of wooden sash frames with triple insulation and integrated spandrel panes with external glare protection. Lindner prefabricated the individual elements in Arnstorf and installed them at the construction site. Also integrated into the structure of the window boxes are permanent scaffolding anchors as load-bearing components: This allows scaffolding to be attached directly to the façade for subsequent renovation, cleaning and replacement work on the panels, thus facilitating access to the building.

Companies involved

Architecture: Kunat Architekten, Berlin, Germany


Façade structure