MOL Campus


Project: MOL Campus
Building Type: Office buildings
Address: Dombóvári út 28
Zip/City: 1117 Budapest
Country: Hungary
Company Division: Lindner SE | Floors, Lindner SE | Interior Product Supply
Completion: from 2021 to 2022


Project: MOL Campus

The MOL Group, a leading oil and gas company based in Budapest, has moved into a new business building in the new "Budapart City" district in the Hungarian capital. The gigantic MOL Campus brings the global group's business activities together in one building, adding another skyscraper to the city's skyline: To date, the tower is considered the tallest building in the country.

The Lindner Group took on a key role in the construction of the MOL Campus. Around 33,000 m² of the FLOOR and more® G40 hollow floor was installed in the high-rise building. The entire system complies with the REI 60 fire protection requirements and can therefore withstand a potential fire for a full 60 minutes, which makes a huge difference in an emergency. In addition, Lindner installed around 1,200 m² of NORTEC control room systems for the server rooms. The implementation of the project required extremely precise coordination on site, especially in close cooperation with electricians and other trades. In addition, there was a particularly tight schedule: At times, up to 2,500 m² of floor were delivered per week. However, with excellent teamwork, these challenges were quickly overcome and the project was completed within a very short time.

Companies involved

Builder: MOL Group, Budapest, Hungary


Hollow floor systems
FLOOR and more® G40 33,000 sqm
Raised floor systems
NORTEC 1,200 sqm