Corridor Ceilings

Appearance counts. Function too.

Create visual highlights in your corridors. Lindner Corridor Ceilings are characterised by freely spanned constructions from wall-to-wall without additional centre suspension. Diverse, functionally appealing systems are available for tolerance compensation on the wall. In combination with plasterboard friezes, niches and non-parallel corridor walls can be incorporated.

  • freely spanned constructions
  • tolerance compensation on the wall is possible due to an adjustable wall connection
  • can be combined with plasterboard friezes to incorporate niches and non-parallel corridor walls


Heating and cooling function

Systems with integrated heating and cooling technology available: Heated and Chilled Corridor Ceilings.


Perfectly integrated Lindner lighting solutions are available.

Acoustic inlays

Equipped with acoustic inlays like mineral wool, these systems contribute significantly to sound protection.

Fire protection

Systems with tested fire resistance class are available: Metal Fireproof Ceilings.