Ventilation Components

Different ventilation components are available:
AirBox S - Supply Air Elements
AirBox E - Exhaust Air Elements

Hydraulic Components

Lindner offers a multitude of hydraulic components and accessories for the perfect connection of Plafotherm® heated and chilled ceilings.


Perfectly integrated Lindner lighting solutions are available.

Acoustic Inlays

Equipped with acoustic inlays like mineral wool, these systems contribute significantly to sound protection.

Heated and Chilled Hybrid Ceilings

Multifunctional in all areas.

Heated/Chilled Hybrid Ceilings are multifunctional elements: they combine various properties like heating, cooling and venting. The right systems for the activation and working of the concrete core are available. Plafotherm® Heated/Chilled Ceilings ensure optimum comfort when combined with hybrid ventilation hoods or heated/chilled beams.

  • multifunctional solutions combine heating, cooling, venting and much more
  • systems for concrete core activation and working are available
  • optimal comfort thanks to the combination with hybrid ventilation hoods or heated/chilled beams