Tower Riem - Brainlab Headquarters


Project: Tower Riem - Brainlab Headquarters
Building Type: Office buildings, Multipurpose building, Hospital
Address: Olof-Palme-Straße 9
Zip/City: 81829 Munich
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Ceilings, Lindner SE | Clean Rooms, Lindner SE | Fit-Out South.Southwest Germany, Lindner SE | Floors, Lindner SE | Partitions
Completion: 2017


Project: Tower Riem - Brainlab Headquarters

Brainlab AG of Munich-Riem not only treads new paths in software-based medical technology. The company has also implemented innovative working environments in a creative way. A destinctive part of the headquarters is the listed ten-storey tower of the former airport, which is connected via four bridges to the new office building. Lindner AG contributed large packages to the interior fit-out of the tower and the new building with its divisions Fit-out and Clean Room Technology (Reinraumtechnik). The challenge was to put an individual and themed design combined with several technical peculiarities into practice while meeting the requirements on hygene. The close cooperation with the customer and their wishes led to the development of new custom solutions through Lindner Reinraumtechnik, such as an individualised door control system with touchless sensor operations. These solutions were combined with system products for ceilings, floors and partitions. Ceramic print on white glass, printed-on stainless steel and HPL panels, LED-backlit glass walls with individually adjustable RGB colours are only a few design elements that characterize the mock-up operation theatres that have been fitted out by Reinraumtechnik. A wavy mirror ceiling of type TOUCHdesign Lunar in the conference room of the tower as well as parallel baffle celings in bronze or black design in the museum and showroom area are part of the design concept that was stipulated by the customer and put into practice by Lindner. The central atrium and the office areas have been fitted with the hollow floors CAVOPEX and FLOOR and more®, which were finished with large-scale tiles, textile coating or parquet, respectively. Glass partitions of type Lindner Life Pure 620 with high-quality doors create spatial separation.


Companies involved

Architecture: pmp Architekten, Munich, Germany


Painter, paperhanging and varnishing works
Ceilings/Walls 55,000 sqm
Rendering and plastering works
Plastering works 23,300 sqm
Screed works
Floor coatings 7,500 sqm
Floor coating works
Floor coatings 15,000 sqm
Floor covering works
Carpet / carpet tile 12,000 sqm
Parquet paving works 1,400 sqm
Elastic 500 sqm
Tiling and flagstone works
Door and gate systems
Wooden Doors 300 Pcs.
Steel plate doors 200 Pcs.
Tube frame doors 150 Pcs.
Baffle Ceilings 3,000 sqm
Plasterboard ceiling systems
Plasterboard ceilings 1,800 sqm
Perforated plasterboard ceilings 2,800 sqm
Plasterboard partition systems
Metal stud plasterboard partition systems 10,300 sqm
Glass partitions
Lindner Life glass partitions 3,000 sqm
F30 Fire-proof suspended ceilings
F30-A/AB - TIPmotion® / Swing-Down without tools
Hollow floor systems
CAVOPEX 15,100 sqm
FLOOR and more® 1,000 sqm
Raised floor systems
NORTEC 150 sqm
Clean room ceilings
Clip clip-in ceilings 300 sqm
Clean room partitions
Operating room partitions 1,000 sqm
Clean room light fixtures
Panel mounted light fixtures 60 Pcs.
Clean room doors
Hinged doors 8
Sliding doors 7
Certification system