Charlotte Douglas International Airport


Project: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Building Type: Airports
Zip/City: 20208 Charlotte
Country: United States
Company Division: Lindner USA Inc.
Completion: 2015


Project: Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Lindner Custom Ceilings.
Perforated metal panels with extruded curved trim. The main focus of this project is on proximity to the main terminal building while accommodating current and future infrastructure, the new passenger and commercial vehicle lane expansion project - underground and overhead pedestrian walkways - to the current main terminal and future main terminal expansions. The colors and curves of the different ceilings systems are an eye-catcher and have multisided purposes serving the building function.

Companies involved

Client: Warco Construction, Charlotte, NC, United States
Architecture: HTNB, Charlotte, NC, United States


F0 Metal ceiling
LMD-St - Expanded Metal ceilings