Metro Station Espoonlahti


Project: Metro Station Espoonlahti
Building Type: Stations
Address: Esbovikens metrostation
Zip/City: 02320 Espoo
Country: Finland
Company Division: Lindner SE | Ceilings, Lindner SE | International Projects Contracting
Completion: 2022


Project: Metro Station Espoonlahti

One of Finland’s in vogue metro stations was built in 2022 at the heart of Helsinki’s business district, Espoo. Inspired by a swimming pool, ALA Architects displayed magnificent colour, light and material palette at the Espoonlahti train and metro station.

Passengers imagine themselves at the bottom of a huge swimming pool when they look up to 4400 m2 of Lindner’s special mirrored ceilings. The ceiling’s chrome surface resembles lapping waves and rippled water surface, while the tilted surface reflects the light and brightens the metro station. The special ceiling solutions with scattered perforations, fitted in the platforms, complement the light and sound works by Hans Rosenström entitled "Shadows on the surface of the water". These ceilings with perforation have high absorption values that minimises noise disturbance in the metro station.

Companies involved

Partner: Inlook Group Oy, Helsinki, Finland
Architecture: ALA Architects Ltd. & SMS Architects, Helsinki / Kristiansand,


Customised ceilings
Stainless steel ceiling with perforation 4,400 sqm