SBB Byte Wankdorf


Project: SBB Byte Wankdorf
Building Type: Office buildings
Address: Gardistraße 2
Zip/City: 3014 Bern
Country: Switzerland
Company Division: Lindner SE | Opfikon Branch, Lindner SE | Partitions
Completion: from 2019 to 2020


Project: SBB Byte Wankdorf

The approximately 1,700 employees of the IT department of the Swiss Federal Railways AG, SBB for short, were previously spread over several locations in Bern. With the completion of the "Byte" on the WankdorfCity site in Bern, SBB's IT department has now been centralized at a fixed location for the first time. Lindner provided partition and floor systems for this project. 58 Lindner Cube room-in-room systems were installed, half of which are fully glazed and half of which are full panel systems of the Logic Timber or Logic Metal type. The full panel partition systems are finished with a white melamine resin coating on the exterior and with a magnetic whiteboard surface with monitor fastenings on the interior. Access to the cube is provided by a glass door system with sound insulation. Air exchange between the office areas and the Cubes is ensured by overflow elements integrated into the full panel elements. On the first floor as well as in the core areas of the building Lindner installed the glass partition system Lindner Life Stereo 125 and the fully glazed partition system Lindner Life Hybrid 622. The partition systems are reinforced by concealed wall reinforcements for the installation of screens and supplemented by glass doors. The NORTEC and FLOOR and more® floor systems ensure a pleasant tread. Individually removable panels also facilitate inspection work on the installations in the floor cavity.

Companies involved

Client: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen AG (SBB), Bern,
Architecture: MOKA Architekten AG, Zürich, Switzerland
General Contractor: Losinger Marazzi AG, Berne, Switzerland


Room-in-room systems
Lindner Cube
Metal partition - Lindner Logic
Lindner Life glass partitions
Timber partition - Lindner Logic
Hollow floor systems
FLOOR and more®
Raised floor systems