Sport hall complex Chemnitz


Project: Sport hall complex Chemnitz
Building Type: Sports hall, sports facilities, stadiums
Address: Dittersdorfer Straße 146
Zip/City: 09123 Chemnitz
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner SE | Ceilings, Lindner SE | Fit-Out Central.East Germany
Completion: 2020


Project: Sport hall complex Chemnitz

Numerous students, clubs and sports associations were delighted about the reopening of the sports hall complex in Chemnitz: It was time for a comprehensive renovation of the two identical halls built in 1978. This involved not only bringing the sports halls up to the latest energy standards, but also modernising the training facilities accordingly. Now the complex meets the highest requirements in terms of safety, accessibility and sustainability.

The Lindner Group equipped both sports facilities with a ball-impact resistant ceiling construction: The LMD-St 213 BWS expanded metal ceiling is fixed with hold-downs and thus achieves the desired ball impact safety class. The concealed substructure creates a homogeneous ceiling surface that is as simple and elegant as it is safe.

Companies involved

Architecture: Veit Bullmann Planungsbüro, Chemnitz, Germany
Builder: Stadt Chemnitz, Chemnitz, Germany


F0 Metal ceiling