Dual Study Programmes

Dual study programmes at Lindner.

Lindner’s dual study programme is attractive for many reasons. We place equal emphasis on theory and practical application, and there is also plenty of opportunity to form networks of personal and professional contacts on campus and at the factory premises. In addition, we give you financial independence during your studies – as well as ample on-site opportunities to prepare for your dream job.

With unparalleled access to practical experience, you will gain the necessary self-confidence for tackling the challenging and invigorating tasks that we will set you!

Our dual study programmes

  • Business Information Systems – Application Management
  • Business Information Systems - Software Engineering
  • Construction – Facade Technology
  • Construction – Project Management
  • Industrial Engineering, with an apprenticeship as industrial insulator
  • Interior Engineering, with an apprenticeship as technical draughtsman
  • Interior Engineering, with an apprenticeship as drywall fitter