Heated and Chilled Baffle Ceilings

Their openness is remarkable.

Baffle Ceilings create a pleasant indoor climate thanks to convection and radiation. Very high cooling capacities are possible due to the open construction. Depending on the requirements, thermally active and passive baffles can be combined. The various baffle systems can be arranged and designed flexibly: Variable centre distances and baffle sizes enable flexible design.

  • heating/cooling by means of convection and radiation creates a pleasant room climate
  • flexibility thanks to the combination of thermally active and passive baffles
  • high cooling capacity due to the open construction
  • freely selectable centre distances and baffle dimensions


Hydraulic Components

Lindner offers a multitude of hydraulic components and accessories for the perfect connection of Plafotherm® heated and chilled ceilings.


Perfectly integrated Lindner lighting solutions are available.

Acoustic Inlays

Equipped with acoustic inlays like mineral wool, these systems contribute significantly to sound protection.