Mercedes Benz Nieuwegein


Project: Mercedes Benz Nieuwegein
Building Type: Office buildings
Address: Ravenswade
Zip/City: 3439 Nieuwegein
Country: Netherlands
Company Division: Lindner SE | Interior Product Supply
Completion: 2018


Project: Mercedes Benz Nieuwegein

The new Mercedes Benz headquarters in the Netherlands is all about "circular building". For this, the architects converted an existing building in Nieuwegein, which had been empty for several years, into a new, sustainable office complex. In this way, both CO2 emissions and enormous amounts of energy can be saved. The renovation was completed in 2018 by general contractor Bouwbedrijf Wessels Zeist.
When designing the new site, it was important to the architects OPL Architects and project developers from Delta Development Group that the strength of the original building was retained - yet the focus was to be on sustainability and an "human-centred design". For example, the gardens in the inner courtyard were retained and subsequently covered with glass. Photovoltaic cells provide the building's own energy. Many visual axes within the building are intended to promote internal communication and connect the employees with each other.
The client was also aware that Lindner is considered an optimal partner for environmentally friendly construction. The Delta Development Group itself focuses on sustainable construction in the sense of the circular economy and cradle to cradle: Lindner installed 8,150 m² of the biologically recommended NORTEC raised floor system in the office building.

Companies involved

Architecture: OPL Architecten, Utrecht, Netherlands
General Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Wessels Zeist B.V., Zeist, Netherlands


Raised floor systems
NORTEC 8,150 sqm