University Sponsorships

Campus Schloss Mariakirchen

The Technische Hochschule Deggendorf (University of Applied Sciences in Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria) is leading the way to move higher education away from the centres and to establish or outsource some areas of studies to regions in Lower Bavaria. In doing so, they hope to improve the interconnection of theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained in local companies.

With this in mind, the Hans Lindner Stiftung decided to turn the Schloss Mariakirchen into the fourth external campus of the Technische Hochschule Deggendorf. The Lindner Group and the Hans Lindner Stiftung provide the seminar rooms and offices as well as the equipment needed for the courses. They also sponsor three so-called “endowed half professorships” altogether.

The Campus is home to 4 institutes:

  • Institute of Entrepreneurship and Setting-up of Business
  • Institute of Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Management
  • Institute of Nursing and Health Science
  • Gerontology Research Centre

The Hans Lindner Stiftung and the University of Applied Sciences in Deggendorf started to work together in 2000 when the University offered an endowed professorship for Entrepreneurship and Setting-up of Business for the first time.

This measure has triggered the interest of the other universities in Eastern Bavaria (Passau, Landshut, Regensburg and Amberg/Weiden) that quickly followed suit.